AUUC Winnipeg

In March 1918, members of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party, the Volodymyr Vynnychenko Drama Circle, and the staff of the weekly newspaper Robochyi narod agreed to build a meeting space for their community. To coordinate the construction the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (now the AUUC) was created on May 14, 1918. Over the next year the construction of the Labour Temple took place on the corner of Pritchard Avenue and McGregor Street.  The Ukrainian Labour Temple stands today and is run by the AUUC Winnipeg Branch.  (for more historical information visit
The branch consists of many performing groups such as the Winnipeg Mandolin Orchestra, the Festival Choir, the Yunist Dance Ensemble and the Yunist School of Dance. Every year the Mandolin Orchestra sponsors and showcases the Festival of Mandolins. This allows the Orchestra to explore different music, while remaining faithful to a Ukrainian repertoire, to invite other mandolinists and instrumental ensembles to perform, and to meet people in the community who are interested in mandolin music. The Yunist Dance Ensemble organizes and runs a yearly Malanka.  The Manitoba style social is a popular event amongst AUUC members and non-members.  It remains a popular fundraising event for the AUUC Winnipeg Branch. The Festival Choir performs repertoire of Ukrainian folksongs and compositions and non-Ukrainian melodies as well. Our Choir, Orchestra, and Yunist Dance Ensemble and School are often invited to appear at events outside of the Ukrainian Labour Temple. These invitations have taken them to shopping centres, museums, senior citizens' homes, festivals, colleges and many sites outside of Winnipeg. Through the Canadian Society for Ukrainian Labour Research, Winnipeg Branch members have hosted several symposia involving a wide spectrum of participants who delve into broad historical issues and topics of socio-political significance.

The branch has also hosted various events throughout the years to promote social justice, such as Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies, Women’s Day Celebrations, movie screenings, and various talks, often held in partnership with other social justice organizations. We are signatories to the Make Poverty History Campaign. As a proud North End institution, we embrace the diversity of our community, and have held and participated in events to raise awareness about the challenges faced by our Indigenous neighbours, and to build relationships with the community.

The Ukrainian Labour Temple is becoming more of a broad community centre. There are numerous events held monthly and hosted by a variety of individuals and organizations. Over the last few years there have been wedding socials, fundraising events, birthday dinners, school events, concerts, plays and many other community activities. From the beginning, the ULT has been a safe and nurturing place for workers, youth, women and seniors as they have created their just place in Canadian society. We continue to welcome newcomers to Canada to celebrate in our hall, including new friends from Senegal, Vietnam, Congo, Eritrea, and the Philippines, to name just a few.

Members of the AUUC Winnipeg Branch are especially proud that the Ukrainian Labour Temple has been designated a heritage site by the Federal Government, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg. Massive repairs to this building were made possible by generous donations from AUUC members and friends across Canada and with the support of provincial and municipal government.

We remain committed to the AUUC's goals of promoting and preserving Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage and to the social justice roots that we all share.